"I purchased the Vibra Trim the first day I tried it.  I just love having it in my home!  Being a busy Laughter Yoga Leader, I get lots of aerobic exercise, but I was looking for an effective, fast way to build strength and endurance, and also tone my body.  I want to build up my bone density, my lean muscle mass, and keep my circulation strong. The Vibra Trim is the perfect compliment to Laughter Yoga!  I no longer have to make myself workout, I look forward to my 10 minutes daily." - Jodi Hart

"When my practice was introduced to Whole Body Vibration by Vibra Trim I was very skeptical. I searched the market place on Vibration machines and found that Vibra Trim has the best price, warranty and financing of all. So far 37 out of 42 of my patients have lost weight using this Monday, Wednesday and Friday in my office for 10 minutes." - Dr. Boehmer, Maryland Heights Chiropractic Center

"My Chiropractor introduced us to the Vibra Trim and my Wife and I LOVE it! I have lost 2 inches in my waist in 1 week and my Wife's Fibromyalgia pain has improved over 90% after the first couple 10 minute sessions!" - Steve T.

"We absolutely love the Vibra Trim and our patients also really enjoy it! Purchasing the machine has been such a great addition to our clinic! Thank you for the opportunity to have such a wonderful piece of equipment." - Omni Physical Therapy

"My patients are losing inches. Between 3 to 7 per month! Older patients are improving balance and feeling more stable. Knee pain, hip pain and radiating leg pain have all improved. All have increased energy levels!" - Dr. Penny, Direct Connection Chiropractic

"In 12 weeks using every other day for 10 minutes, Ron has lost 27 lbs. and I have lost 9 pounds plus our knees don't hurt anymore!" - Glamm Studio & Spa

"I totally love my Vibra Trim! When I first stepped onto the machine I could only stand on it for 2 minutes at speed #2. My massage therapist Lynn worked with me and 3 weeks later I was able to stand on it for 10 minutes at speed #10! Plus my back, hips and knees don't hurt anymore!" - Joan R.

"I ran into your website by accident but I am so glad I found it! I had my whole family over for the holiday and everyone loved the Vibra Trim! My nephew would never do any exercise but now he uses the machine all of the time and is losing the weight! It is very energizing! Please send me brochures that I can give to my patients." - Nahid M.

"My 14 year old daughter is feeling so good now! She is exercising on the Vibra Trim regularly because she saw results fast. She feels energized and is losing weight!" - Julia O.

"I love this machine.  All my pain is gone!" - Elana P.

"My personal results are: 9/15/09 body fat was 28.7%. As of 1/30/10 body fat is 22.6%. 10 minutes every other day!" - Mike S.